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The Most Thoughtful Mother's Day Gifts - Mar 22

It's that time of the year again! It's mothers day this Sunday and while it's so easy to take your mom for granted without even knowing, I really feel we need to hold them as close as possible while they're still here on earth. I'm so big on gifting, sometimes it's also just the little things. It doesn't always have to be expensive. Many times, the thought goes a long way. If you're stuck on what to get your mum or mother figure this mother's day, here are a few ideas;

1. Flowers

For me, this is a tricky one in Nigeria because you pay way more than the value you get. Flowers are very expensive in Lagos where I live and you're more likely to get better value and longevity by buying something else. Nevertheless, it's still the first choice for many, and that's okay too. You can check out Adela's flowers, Flowershop, Flowers factory, Balloons and flowers. I'd advise ordering ASAP as these stores usually get overwhelmed closer to the day.

2. Spa/ Pamper day

I'm sure many of us will agree that a lot of our mothers work overtime and the occasional pamper day is always a nice. Many spas also offer home service which can be an extra nice touch. I recommend Oriki. I've enjoyed every treatment I've gotten from them and they have quite a few locations. If one location is booked, you can always try another.

3. Skincare Hamper

Everyone is big on skincare these days and rightly so. A hamper with her favourite products is always a good idea and if you don't know what they are, I'm sure a quick look at her dressing table will give you some insight. Depending on the products, My Skin Plug and Skin Science Africa stock a wide range of products.

4. Candles and Diffusers

I don't know a single person who doesn't like a nice-smelling home so this is almost a no-brainer. Many gift shops in Lagos stock these but if you're looking for something a bit more "bougie' and a well-known name, Kitchen and Accessories or Temple Muse is your plug. You're better off visiting their store as you'll find a wider range than what is being offered on instagram.

5. Tea Hamper

Mothers love TEA! it seems to be a mom thing and if you're going for tea, then you should definitely go for something healthy and authentic. I strongly recommend Sari Teas. They offer a wide range of hand-crafted herbal teas. My favourite is the 'Immunity Tea. They offer a variety box as well, so she's able to try out all the different flavours. They're also reasonably priced. I'm sure you won't go wrong with this selection. You can also add on their mugs and Tea tumblers for a complete package.

6. Jewellery

If your mother is a jewellery lover, you can never go wrong with this option. Depending on your budget, you have an option of buying gold or costume jewellery that's not Tacky.

7. Home Decor

Anything that contributes to her decor theme at home will always be appreciated. Everyone loves to improve their home and you can never go wrong with a vase.

I think whatever you pick, the key is being intentional with it. Make sure you get your gift nicely wrapped and include a card with nice words. The goal is to make it cute and personal.


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