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The Best Makeup Sponges For your Makeup Kit - Mar 1

The day I switched from Makeup brushes to Makeup sponges to set my concealer was a game-changer for me and its safe to say I'm never going back. If you care at all about a flawless make-up look and you don't use makeup sponges, what are you doing girl? They blend your makeup really smoothly without leaving streaks behind. I've compiled my favourite sponges for you below

  1. Beauty Blender Makeup Sponge

I haven't met a single person who has tried this sponge and didn't like it. In fact, when a brand is so good that a general product adopts its name, you know they're doing something right. Most people refer to all makeup sponges as 'beauty benders'. This product is designed to be used damp. The purpose of this is to prevent soaking up too much product, leading to wastage. To use, run it under water until it's wet, then squeeze excess water till it's damp. Proceed with the fatter end of the sponge and tap in your foundation/concealers . For application on smaller areas like your eyes and nose, use the pointy tip. It retails for about £16 and it's worth every penny. Shop HERE.

2. Fenty Beauty Precision Makeup Sponge 100

This sponge is amazing for under-eye makeup application. With its flat rather than pointy tip, you can stamp smaller areas to smooth them out. If you prefer to slide in your products rather than tap them in, you'll enjoy using this sponge. It retails for £13 HERE and is very worth the price.

3. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

This is one of my staples in my makeup bag. It's become an alternative to beauty blenders for most people. It can be used with foundation, concealer, and tinted moisturisers. It's designed to be used damp if you want a dewy finish or dry if you want a matte finish. it retails for only £6 for 2 sponges HERE.

4. Sephora Total Coverage Makeup Sponge

I love love this sponge. It's so so soft when damp and it blends my concealer perfectly. The pointy tip also makes under-eye concealer application easy and flawless. It retails at Sephora for $14

5. Morphe Microfiber Beauty Sponge

This sponge has a unique velvety finish and like most other sponges, It is also designed to be used damp. It almost doubles in size when damp. For me, it works better for foundation application due to its large size. I didn't find it easy to use for under-eye concealer application. It is very convenient for those struggling to leave their brushes behind. It retails for £10 HERE.

6. Wet and Wild Makeup Sponge

This drugstore sponge flawlessly applies your makeup. It can be used both damp and dry. Compared to real techniques, it soaks up less product and is much softer. Its pointy tip also allows it to reach difficult areas. It retails for HERE.

7. ELF Cosmetics Total Face Blending Sponge

This inexpensive sponge can be used to apply foundation and conceal imperfections. It can be used both damp and dry. Compared to my other favourites, it's a bit stiff but it gets the job done, and it's pretty easy to clean. It works with both liquid and powder products and retails for £6 HERE.


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