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Long Lasting Makeup For Oily/Combination Skin - Feb 25

I have combination skin on my face which I find rather annoying. I recon if you have dry skin or oily skin, then you can follow one path and you're good. When you have combination skin like me, you know it's not that straightforward. Since I started wearing makeup about 14 years ago, my T-zone has always been oily! Years ago, it wasn't such a big deal because my makeup skills weren't great. Now that i'm older and I've mastered the perfect makeup for my face, I've had to find a solution to my oily T-zone problem. I literally used to have to re-powder my T-zone about 7-10 times during the day.

When i don't follow these steps, this is what my face looks like. Your phone isn't broken, the video is muted. :)

So, to avoid looking like me in the video, you should follow these steps;

1. Your face needs moisture

I am not a licensed dermatologist, neither do I have any proficiencies in this area. I can only tell you what has worked for me. I know this sounds ironic because why are you putting more moisture on your face if you're trying to avoid an oily face? Well, it doesn't work that way. You need to properly moisturise your skin. Don't think oily skin gives you a pass when it comes to moisturising. Your skin needs moisture to prevent your sebum glands from overcompensating and creating too much oil. Without going too far into a skin-care routine (that's not what this post is about), I presently use this oil-free moisturiser. You can shop it HERE.

2. You need to Prime your face

I was never a big fan of primer. Actually, i was just lazy and trying to rush through my makeup process. You should use your primer just before you put any makeup on your face. Even before you draw your brows, if you're like me and you draw them on before foundation. Primer makes a big difference to the wear-time of your makeup. I use about 3-4 pumps so my face is properly covered. I only have ONE recommendation for primer because i love it and i'm not ready to try anything else. The Milk Hydro Grip Primer - it lasts AGES- Shop HERE.

3. Powder before foundation

This is my most important step and yes, it works. I'll explain. Once you prime your face with the Milk hydro grip primer or primer of your choice, take your favourite powder and makeup sponge, and dab some powder unto your T-zone or oily areas. This basically sets your primer and acts as a barrier to stop excess oil from seeping through. In my experience, this has worked better with Loose powder. My recommendation is the Laura Mercier Loose setting powder. I use the medium deep shade. Shop HERE

4. Use more powder than liquid products

With combination and oily skin, you want to use more powder products than liquid products. Switch your liquid contour concealer for a contour powder, or a contour stick if powders aren't your thing. I use the Morphe stick contour as opposed to a powder version because I prefer the way it looks. You also want to use less foundation and avoid over-layering. Depending on the pump size, i use about two pumps of foundation, three if i want a heavier look. If your present skin condition doesn't allow you use less foundation, thats okay too. Just avoid using too much foundation on your T-zone area. If anything, do the rest of your face first, and then use what's left on your brush/sponge for those areas.

With these steps, I've managed to take down my re-powdering from 6-8 times a day, to 2-3 times in an eight to ten hour period . In those 2-3 times, only one involves actually using powder to touch up, while the other two involve using only my brush to dab the oily areas.

I hope it works for you. Happy exploring!


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