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Let's Talk Hollywood Waxing - Mar 11

I am the queen of overthinking and over-anticipating potential pain. I had my first Hollywood wax at 27 and afterwards, I laughed at myself. I laughed because I had spent years overestimating the pain. You can't blame me, I had my first experience waxing my brows at 13. I had followed my older cousin to get hers waxed and she was completely calm and composed during the wax. She told me it didn't hurt at all so obviously, I opted to go next. The way I screamed? I'm not even sure if it was genuinely painful, or if it was just the shock of not anticipating any pain at all. That was it for me for the next 9 years. Then, when I was 22, a friend of mine forced me to get my underarms waxed with her. I screamed all through. I really don't like pain. However, I found that it took much longer to grow back, and the hair grew back finer and softer. For this reason, I attempted to wax my underarms 2-3 times a year. I would usually shave in between but eventually, I was advised against doing so as it messes up your wax. So, I became a regular under-arm waxer and I learned to get used to the pain. However, you see Hollywood waxing? It had always been an absolute NO for me. I just couldn't understand why anyone wanted to put their fanny through unnecessary pain when hair removal creams exist.

All of this changed before my wedding. 3 months before the wedding I had promised my friend I would stop being a wuss and I'd wax for the honeymoon. I changed my mind multiple times before the day. Them on a random day, I received an email from the waxing bar that my appointment had been booked. She booked my appointment without telling me, so that was it. I anticipated it to feel like torture. I know I'm dramatic but think about it, they're pulling hair out of your fanny! That obviously can't be painless. Anyway, the day came and I arrived at the waxing salon and asked to have my underarms, eyebrows, legs waxed as well. Who did I think I was? It was bad enough I was getting a Hollywood wax for the first time, now I was adding extra "pain" to my experience. But I said I was going to stop being a wuss.

I'm still here typing this weeks later and I've visited again. So, it's safe to say I didn't die from pain! Honestly, this comes back to me being an over-thinker. It wasn't even that bad! I only screamed one or two times during the Hollywood wax. Everything else was fine. Now the reason I told you all the ways I was against Hollywood in the past, is so you can believe me when I say that my experience was so good that I'm never going back to hair removal creams. If I can be turned, anyone can be turned. I got my wax done at The Mane Stop in Lagos, and they're definitely a testament to why I've been turned. These are all my pro's for waxing versus shaving from what I've personally experienced;

  1. Your hair takes much longer to grow back to a significant amount. With shaving, by the very next day, you can feel the stubble and within 10 days, it's all come back. With waxing, it took about 4-5 weeks to see proper growth and it still wasn't long enough for another session.

  2. I had no bumps, itchiness, or ingrown hairs whatsoever. These were all things i experienced with hair removal creams. With waxing, I didn't experience a single one of those things.

  3. It leaves your skin super smooth and I mean dolphin smooth!

  4. Your new growth also comes back much finer and softer.

It's safe to say that I'm literally never going back to hair removal creams. I love it here! If you're a beginner at waxing, I've broken down all the things you need to know before your first visit!

There are different types of wax that can be used for hair removal;

  1. Hard Wax - This type of body wax is applied warm, directly onto your skin. It is given time to cool down and harden and is then pulled off in the opposite direction of the hair growth. The wax only binds to the hair, never your skin.

  2. Soft Wax - This is also known as strip waxing. The wax is applied directly on your skin with a wooden stick or a roller, then a strip of cloth is put over it and pulled off, removing hair.

  3. Sugar Wax - This is made from natural ingredients (sugar, lemon, and hot water), which is ideal for people with sensitive skin. You need your hair to be at least a quarter of an inch long for the gel to stick properly to the hair for removal.

Things you should know

  1. A day or two before your appointment, you should gently exfoliate down there to remove all dead cells surrounding your hair follicles.

  2. An hour before your appointment, you can pop a pain killer to dull the pain.

  3. Your waxers have probably seen every type of fanny possible so don't be conscious, spread your legs sis.

  4. It literally only hurts for a second.

  5. After waxing, your skin may be red and irritated so wear loose clothing to your appointment so you'll be comfortable afterward.

  6. Any left-over hair after waxing may be tweezed off so be prepared.

  7. Never shave between your waxes

  8. If you're clueless, leave it to the professionals.


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