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How To Stop Your Bob From Flipping -Mar 18

I can't count how many times I've straightened my bob wig multiple times a day because it won't stop flipping out! I like my hair looking perfect and I'm the type of girl to immediately feel uncomfortable if I'm out and my hair isn't cooperating with the rest of my look. Lately, I've seen that the flipped-out bob is a trend, but this post is for the girls who just want their regular flipped-in bob to last all day.

Before I reveal my secret, It's important to know that if your bob sits directly on your shoulders, it's very likely going to flip out. It's just physics I guess. So, you might want to go slightly shorter or longer. Also, your bob needs to be clean. Dirty hair or hair with product build-up really doesn't co-operate with you, no matter how hard you try. Lastly, you should consider slightly thinning out the ends of your bob. The thicker it is, the less likely the chances of co-operation. These alone don't stop your bob from flipping out, but be patient, these are just the pre-requisites. If you haven't done these, you might be wasting your time. This next step is my holy grail. I tried it for the first time just before a 6-hour flight and at the end of the day, 12 hours later, my bob was still flipped in!

The answer is HAIR SPRAY + HAIR STRAIGHTENERS + TAIL COMB + ROUND BRUSH. I use the VO5 Invisible ultimate hold hairspray. It's so inexpensive that it's a no-brainer. You can shop it HERE. Any round brush and tail comb should work for this trick.

It's important to mention that your hair straightener needs to be sensible. I believe any hair straightener from GHD, BaByliss or Remington will do the trick. There are other good brands but these are the ones I've tried. Also, if you're not using the chase method to straighten your hair, you've been doing it wrong. You can watch a quick video on this method HERE. If you don't own the comb being used in the video, a regular tail comb works as well.

You want to start by spraying a bit of hairspray on the ends of your bob before straightening it. The operating words here are " A BIT". I usually go line by line. So, I'll section out a line, spray it, then straighten, and so on. When you're done straightening, Take your round brush and brush your bob inwards towards your face and then finish by spraying another round or hairspray around the tips. With hair spray, moderation is really key, you don't want to end up with stiff hair. The hairspray you use is also very important. If it's hold is too strong, your hair will be stiff and no one wants that.

Goodluck and i hope it works for you!


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